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Heavy-Duty Towing & Rotator Service

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing.

Having the capability to entrust your towing needs to Wilson Towing Service means that you have access to quality towing no matter the vehicle. Whether you have a large vehicle such as construction equipment or busses that need to either be moved or put back onto its wheels, you can count on our towing service to bring you the most capable vehicles in the city.

We have been providing the widest range of towing options for years and have the solutions you need on hand.

Full Towing Range

Whether you need to flip over a cement mixer or have your forklift towed back to your base of operations, putting your trust in the care and capability of Wilson Towing Service will ensure that you get fast and reliable results. Not only do we bring you the services of this nature required but still bring you the 24-hour emergency towing solutions you need no matter the vehicle.

When looking for a capable towing service in the Wilson area that can deliver results regardless of the vehicle size and type, you need to call our experts.

Same Emergency Response

A large part of the services we provide to the Wilson area rely on the speed of service and response that we bring to the city. Whether you have an issue first thing in the morning, or during your overnight work, you can count on our professionals to provide you with an immediate means of contact and the capability to have the services you need sent right away.

Whatever the time of day or location in the city, you can count on the expert towing services we provide to be there to deliver quality results at all times.

Rotator Service

Having a large vehicle flip over during operation can be a source of frustration as the weight and cumbersome nature of these vehicle types can make it especially difficult to right them once more.

Choosing the professionals at Wilson Towing Service provides you with the specialized equipment needed to have issues of this type addressed with the same level of haste you expect from our heavy-duty towing services. Whatever the attention you need, making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts will provide you with results you can count on, across the Wilson area.

Hauling Any Size

It’s our objective to ensure that you have a reliable means of towing presented to you at all times. Not only do we bring you the results you need when it comes to towing, but also in the full range of vehicle sizes. We understand your need for a reliable means of towing service to be provided around the city and around the clock and put the full weight of our experience and expertise to work on every call we answer.

When looking for the most capable towing company Wilson has to offer, making the choice to call Wilson Towing Service will provide solutions.

Wilson, NC