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This is a picture of a woman looking for a roadside assistance.

Providing you with the best towing service in the city starts the moment we pick up the phone, and the primary concern of our customer service representatives is ensuring that you have someone on the other end of the line quickly. We understand that when you make a call to Wilson Towing Service for towing or roadside assistance needs, that you need a response both on the phone and through our delivery quickly and effectively.

We do away with answering machines, or making you jump through the hoops of electronic menu choices and instead focus on providing you with the immediate response you need.

The website that we provide to the residents and visitors of the Wilson area is also developed with your convenience in mind. When looking for details surrounding the services we bring to the area, having the means to quickly obtain that information is important to us. Knowing what to expect from your towing professionals plays a large role in the choices you make and when turning to Wilson Towing Service for information, you can expect clearly defined service details and the capability to quickly locate the services you’re looking for.

The capability for our clients to get the services they need delivered quickly is an important aspect of the experience we provide, and we pride ourselves on bringing the same high-quality level of response no matter the time of day you call. When you need a towing service you can count on, it’s time to call Wilson Towing Service.

Wilson, NC