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24-Hour Recovery Service

This is a picture of a 24 hour recovery towing.

Bringing the best in local towing means being there when our clients need our services most. This includes having the capability to delivery quality recovery service anywhere in the city at any time in the day.

Whether you’ve been met with an issue first thing in the morning, or find your vehicle trapped in the ditch in the middle of the night, making the choice to call into our professionals will deliver the immediate response you need when you need it. 

Winch Out & Tow

One of the most common reasons behind choosing a recovery towing service in the Wilson area is due to vehicles being trapped in inescapable spaces. Choosing the right professionals for your needs will ensure that you have the access needed to the full range of equipment, providing you with the means to remove your vehicle from any unwelcome situation.

Whether your car or truck has found its way into the ditch, surrounding shrubbery or otherwise, you can count on our professionals to bring you a recovery service that will safely remove your vehicle and also provide you with the towing you need.

Vehicle Recovery

There can be a number of various other possibilities when it comes to recovering your vehicle without having the capability to drive it home yourself. This can be from impounding, damage to the vehicle, or problems with its own locomotion. When turning to an experienced towing service, you can depend on around the clock services that will safely and carefully bring your vehicle to the location it needs to be, whether that’s your home, storage facilities or other options.

Whatever the location or the distance of tow needed, you can count on Wilson Towing Service to provide you with affordable options.

Service Station Towing

Another possibility when looking for a reliable recovery towing service is that of having your vehicle brought from its current location to a service station of choice. Whether you need engine work done or blew a few tie-rods taking a jaunt into the ditch, your ability to operate your vehicle as required is lessened and you find yourself looking for solutions.

Choosing Wilson Towing Service for your needs will provide you with an experienced and capable recovery and towing service you can count on, bringing your vehicle where it needs to be in order to get the required attention.

Various Truck Choices

Making the call to the experts at Wilson Towing Service will not only bring you the 24-hour towing service you need but also ensure that you have the required access to the perfect vehicle for your needs. Whether you have need of a roll back tow truck, flatbed or standard wheel lift, choosing the experience and equipment of Wilson Towing Service will ensure that you can depend on the results provided to deliver efficacy.

Whatever the need at hand, we have the experts and equipment needed to provide quality results across Wilson and the surrounding areas at all times of the day.

Wilson, NC