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Wilson Towing Service is your source for quality towing and emergency roadside assistance in the Wilson area. Providing you with a full range of experienced tow truck operators, various vehicles to suit your needs and a capability to deliver results no matter the situation you face, you can count on our experts to have the solutions to your problems. 

About Us

We have been proudly bringing quality towing service to the Wilson area for many years and through our time of serving have only expanded on our capabilities. Whether looking for a full wrecker service, scheduled towing or 24-hour emergency service, making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts is the fastest and most reliable means of fixing problems at hand.

Whether you’ve suffered an accident or simply need a new acquisition brought to your property, you can depend on our experts for speed, reliability, attentive service and the affordability that Wilson Towing Service is known for in the city.

Our Services

The range of services that we bring to the Wilson area are in place to ensure that you have a solution awaiting your issues, no matter what they may be. Whether you’re in need of rollback services or assistance with a flat tire, we provide the city with a full list of capabilities in order to deliver speed and quality.

With the right professionals stationed around the city at all times, making the call to our offices will have the nearest tow truck operator dispatched to you and ready to bring you the resolution you need to whatever problem is at hand.

Wilson, NC

Wilson Towing Service

This is a picture of an auto towing services.
This is a picture of a heavy duty towing.
This is a picture of a woman looking for roadside assistance.

With as many vehicles are on the road nowadays as Wilson has, providing a service that has the capability to bring the reliable auto towing necessary is important. We delivery every method of towing possible to the city, from winch out to roll back, flatbed, wheel lift and more in order to provide the city with the full range of options.

No matter the time of day, or the distance you need to travel, you have options.

We not only bring our services to smaller vehicles, bringing a full wrecker option, rollover rotator service and much more to larger vehicles as well.

Whether you have a tour bus or a piece of construction equipment that needs to be righted, moved or winched out, you can be sure that our experts will come prepared with the right vehicle, equipment and capability to provide you with results no matter the size of the load.

This is a picture of a tow truck service.
This is a picture of a trailer being towed.
This is a picture of a towing service.

Whether for cars, trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s, heavy-duty towing or any other range of service you can think of, making the choice to reach out to Wilson Towing Service for your needs will provide you with the options you’re looking for.

We have the full range of tow trucks needed for the most consistent and capable services in the city, bringing swift resolution to all of your towing needs both short-haul and long-haul in nature.

Having the right professionals on hand at all times is a key aspect of any towing service and when choosing Wilson Towing Service for your needs, you can depend on a service that’s there for you around the clock, around the city and throughout the year.

When looking for auto towing you can count on, with full wrecker service available, making the choice to reach out to our experts will provide you with the range you need.

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.
This is a picture of a couple looking for a towing service.
This is a picture of a winch out service.

Dealing with any form of breakdown or interruption to your travels is a situation that needs to be remedied and when turning to the professionals at Wilson Towing Service for your emergency roadside assistance needs, you can depend on speed of arrival and quality results.

We have been the source of solutions to all manner of driving issues over the years and know what it takes to bring you the most reliable treatment.

Finding your vehicle stuck in a ditch or other tight quarters can have you feeling like there’s no remedy in sight. Yet, the fully stocked tow trucks of Wilson Towing Service will provide you with the means to move your car or truck no matter the issue.

From roll back towing that can get into the smallest of locations to winch outs that make short, safe work of your predicament, Wilson Towing Service is the go-to source of results.

“I have called upon Wilson Towing Service a number of times now for towing service and they are always consummate professionals. They truly understand their craft and know how to bring results no matter the situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the city looking for help.” – Helen V.

“After getting my truck stuck in the mud, I was looking for a service with some serious horsepower. Fortunately, Wilson Towing Service brings a winch out service that could take care of business. They made short work of my stuck truck and got me back on the road.” – Kyle F.

“With a construction business, knowing that I have towing options locally available when issues strike is vital. Wilson Towing Service has been my company of choice for recovery towing, rotator service and more over the years and they always bring the highest level of care and capability.” – Randy H.

Contact Us Today

Quick and efficient means of getting the professionals you seek on the line is an important aspect of the services we bring to the Wilson area. Whether you’re calling first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night, we always ensure that you have the capability of getting in touch with he required experts no matter your needs.

If you need emergency roadside assistance or would like to schedule a towing service, making the choice to pick up the phone and calling into Wilson Towing Service will bring you the results you need with haste.